Ethiopia was in the news recently with a trash slide (yes you read that correctly). We live 45 km outside of Addis so we were as shocked as the rest of the world.  Please pray for all if the people affected! Blessings, Sara

Wed the 15th.

Ever try to communicate, but the words can't seem to come out? I use pictures to say how I feel. I wanted to share my thoughts, but was unable to. I tried posting pictures under Untitled and that helped made it easier. Why modify my phone? It is fine minus the outdated software. I am... Continue Reading →

Be yourself

As things started getting normal again running water, power getting stable, and the return of mobile data. Yes I said it. Not everything is open, but it is truly improving. I looked at how other bloggers shared posts. I started wondering if I was doing it wrong.  Is it unique to write shared or sharing... Continue Reading →

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