Let the healing begin in photo shuffle.

Can you see the difference?


Preview of another writing project.

How it all began I am posting this entry to both of my blogs that way all my readers can read it at the same time. A Girl's Journey through Life and Starting Over in 2013 can read this post. First I have ADD. That means I tend to go around in circles with my … Continue reading Preview of another writing project.

Ride to Nazert notes.🇪🇹🚦🚐📝

10/6/17 As we were driving I felt a serene calmness inside of me. The familiar feeling of excitement and adventure of a road trip. I observed the difference of the African terrain from the familiar American atmosphere. I felt the inspiration to write freely and describe the oohs and ahhs of an Ethiopian American tourist … Continue reading Ride to Nazert notes.🇪🇹🚦🚐📝

Letter to 6th grade Molly.

Dear 6th grade Molly: You are a kind person with a bright personality.  Your love of reading has given you the gift of amazing spelling.  You have this beautiful light inside of you that nobody has seen before. After this year you will begin the battle of the bone.  It might take a while to … Continue reading Letter to 6th grade Molly.

Getting up on the soap box.

When the words look so crystal clear. When you feel a conection with the reader or writer. I listened to the voices in a song and felt this fresh feeling like I was already there even in the 90s. I felt like I could say so much with no fear.  Because I had faith that … Continue reading Getting up on the soap box.

Sharing:  Friendship

For all my friends who are praying for me during this challenging season. Sara The hardest part of any friendshipis when it is time to say goodbye,and even though I wished I could make you stay,I know I got to let you spread your wings and fly. For life is a journey that needs to … Continue reading Sharing:  Friendship

Sharing: Sad Me

I began my millennium this way. Sara A crush is a nice thing to have It makes you feel nice Loved Cared about Thought about And so on But when you see a lot of people crushing on each other And you’re the only one without a crush It makes you feel sad But sometimes … Continue reading Sharing: Sad Me