As we were driving I felt a serene calmness inside of me. The familiar feeling of excitement and adventure of a road trip.

I observed the difference of the African terrain from the familiar American atmosphere.

I felt the inspiration to write freely and describe the oohs and ahhs of an Ethiopian American tourist in her homeland.

This was all I wanted to see and feel like a tourist in an awesome land. Watching the shades of acai trees stand proudly in the sun. It’s body shaped like an umbrella for the growing grass.

Speed limits depend on the lane you are in. The expressway marks marvel me to the mileage we had made.

You observe the roads feel smooth compared to the bumpy cobblestone road where we live.

The occasional cattles in the green field has a ranch and farm atmosphere to the trip.

The view 51 sign with an amazing feeling.

The view is a panoramic flat scene with the curves of the road twisting and turning.

My mom was right I can get such inspiration with this view.

Teff growing in the sun. Occasional flowers and plants waving hello.

My senses are getting a healthy dose with ADD feeling pleased.

Wind planes scattered around give you that modern feeling for alternative energy.

63-65 marker wow we are moving.

Business factories scatter the land. Asian script accompanying Amharic script.

69 mark

Train stations pop up welcoming you to the other side.
Welcome to the suburbs of Nazert.