I was having a tough time with the weird weather, lack of utility, and health issues that were giving me a roller coaster ride.  Here is a paraphrase of it…

Not going to break my stride, not going to going to slow me down,  I got to keep on moving.

I help my mom specifically because when she retired from teaching and counseling her body really slowed down.  She has post polio syndrome and uses a wheelchair a majority of the time to get her around.

We have our days in a non-wheelchair friendly environment.  But we make the best of it.  I am her arms, legs, and tech ninja.  I load the car with the must haves and think ahead for her needs.  I find podcasts that can encourage her when life sends us curve balls.  She provides the encouragement I need in our new home.  Reminding me to train myself for my future.  I am half her age which allows me to see my future through her experience.