Welcome new Readers, Subscribers, and Followers!

Thank you for choosing to read my blog. By doing this my dreams of reaching out to people are coming true. My name is Molly Sebhat and these are my thoughts on life. Each time I hit send/publish my goal goes along with it.

I write about life. How it has been and what it could be. I write about struggles with stress, anxiety, and things that people can relate with. I began this blog as a Stay At Home to a sweet young boy. As time went on I wrote about the struggles that occurred in my life.

Now I am writing as a person healing from PTSD, stress, and anxiety. I explain that people with disabilities are not that different. How we see the world is just another point of view. My mom, the driving force in my life, tells me that I have a story to share that might help others in the same position. So until I figure out how to write a book my blogs are my canvas to express myself with.

Feel free to share this with others. If I can change history one person at a time… than it is wort it. I am also writing at refresh28.wordpress.com. It is called Starting Over in 2013. It is a sequel to this blog.

Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon! msebhat

Note: Growing up the word disabled/handicapped refered to the parking spot we found for my mom. Otherwise she was a superhero with her crutches and power chair. She has a heart of gold for so many. How can one not be inspired!


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