100 posts later…

This is my 100th post on here.  Part of me wanted to write something inspirational.  While another part of me wasn’t sure what to say.  I have imported a few of my posts from other blogs and rolled them into this one.  Some I have written recently while others were written in the past few years.  I have read some of the comments that have been made lately (even those in the spam folder that I have tried my hardest to get approved).  Some people have said how much I have inspired them (I am so glad to have helped you out!) while others haven’t been so nice.  I even recently read one what made me very sad.  I felt like how could this person say something like that.  They don’t know me.  They have no idea about who I am.   I made this blog so I could express myself freely and perhaps help other people along the way.  Who knows maybe there is someone else who knows what I am going through or close enough.

See I am a young mother who has gone though many changes in the last few years.  Things that I have gotten through and tried my best on a daily basis.  Did you know that in my early 20s I was told that I might have ADD?  I have battled with an eating problem all of my life.  Up until a few years ago if I worked my butt off at different jobs trying to make a difference in my life.  Trying to find my place in this world.  I have been a student, tutor, child care/daycare worker, Customer Service Assistant, Customer Service Representative, and even in the office support field.  I have always loved working with children because I didn’t want them to fall in the cracks of this great system of ours.  I have dealt (and continue to) with anxiety issues and wanting to please all the people in my life.  All I have ever wanted to do was to be given a chance.  A chance to show that I was worth it.

Sure I tend to go on and on about a lot of things.  That is generally how I am able to explain myself.  How I am feeling and thinking.  I take a chance everyday by writing.  It is my way of communicating what is going on in my mind.  My brain is like a freeway with ideas and thoughts speeding is so many directions that it is amazing.  Sometimes I wish I could just way what is on my mind without being afraid.  Afraid of what others will think of me.  Will they see the same person or will they think I am crazy.  I never really know.

I am not the strongest person.  I am not the person to go to when you need to blow up something.  I am a good listener.  I am very loyal and kind.  I tend to be very trusting.  Some might say too trusting.  But I am a person.  I have a heart that loves to help people.  I am a dreamer who wonders a lot.  Wonders about what is going to happen.  Will things work out.  Than again I can be a worrier too.  That is just me though.  I have been through so much in my life that makes me the unique person that I am.  There is so much I want to say but have to filter a few things here and there.   Not that I don’t want to say it… but I want it to come out fluidly.

So this is my 100th entry.  Thank you for reading and looking forward to many more!


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