Starting Anew.

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I decided that after my last entry I am going to try something new.   I changed the theme and added a few more widgets that I didn’t think would show and they showed.  I am not always someone who is so serious or emotional.  I tend to care about what other people think about how I act and feel.  I tend to not express everything honestly.  Like my entry about Famine (  That topic was written from one persons point of view.  I rarely write things like that, but I decided to go out on the limb and write it.  Its been a while since I really wrote things.  I used to love writing.  I used to write poems, short stories, and just about anything that came out of my mind.  At one point in my life I actually wanted to be a writer.  I imagined myself writing stories that everyone would read and comment on.  Times have changed since then.  I have to get over the fear about what people will think of me.  So this is me starting anew.


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