Morning, evening, and a photo for you.


My Life in different parts.

I have been thinking about writing about what life is like being from multiple cultures. I am an American who was born and visited Ethiopia. Below is a picture of me during my pregnancy.

Land of Opportunity.

Did that get your attention?  Good!   Its been a wipe out emotional few weeks in my life.  I was accepted into a job training program that I have been feeling a little less anxious.  This "adulting" thing is a lot harder than people would know.  I have in just a few weeks began eating …

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2018 and beyond….

I never realized how much I have changed other peoples life.  Just getting up and getting myself going is a challenge sometimes.  It wasn't until my friend brought it to my attention that I was a strong woman who has lived an extrodinary life. Last year I began a journal that I wanted to post …

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