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I tried to post via email this blog. Maybe cause it is new it might be acting wonky. Never know. Anyway I am going to give my journey a break so you can enjoy all the original 4 year journey on here than join me at Starting Over In 2013 for my healing journey. I am not deleting this blog just reserving my energy unit things are more resourceful. Bon chance!

Sara Gamachu

First time for everything 

First time for everything 

I took a trip to the city. First time at IEC cafeteria and ordering lunch by myself. I used my broken Amharic and ordered a burger and soft drink. 

The burger came. It was good. It had a ketchupy mayo sauce that reminded me of Thousand Island dressing. It was a three layer burger. First layer had an egg that looked fried any tasted amazing. Second layer had the lettuce, onion, and tomato dressing. The final layer was a very juicy fried meat. It had protein written all over it.

After eating the first half I felt filled. So I ate the buger meat and fried egg from the last half. A girl needs her protein over the carbs. All in all I give it 2 thumbs up.

With that I ended it with a double mociatto which was the best ending to a meal. Thick and creamy. What more could you ask for….uh fries/chips maybe but that might be asking too much. 

Bon appetite!

Treat others the way you wanted to be treated.

My impulsive finger began reacting to my sadness. That is ok I said to myself 818 people follow me and I followed 2k. I went through the list and started letting people go. Why was I following some of this? Do I want to see boobs? Uh no thank you! I was hurt to see some send me notes than disappear. I try to respond, but it costs me money. Dust blowing in the wind. I finally just said treat me the way I wanted to be treated. This was just on Twitter. I need support and hardly gossip on the timeline. I am a human being and not taking it personally. 


Originally posted on anorexia.Revealed:I love living in NYC.   It has been a huge part of my recovery and fresh start. Yes, it is a great place to be an actor and a young twenty-something, but it has also been an amazing place to learn how to truly live again. A great place to finally…

Decided to get my haircut. A friend recommended a place in the Capital. I nervously made the call to schedule a haircut. This morning I got up early for me and got ready. Was this going to be a breeze? Would there be a line? I hope I get a good service.

As I sat waiting for a few minutes for the artist, as my friend called him, to arrive my mom and I discussed the look I wanted. Short, easy look, and stylish. As we saw a picture in the book they had I was like “Yup that’s the one!” It was sleek not short on the back or front. It was perfect.

As I listened to the. Familiar buzz of the shaver my mind went back to my 20s and getting my first bob. I watched as my hair morphed into a sleek back look. There were no comments about my being sure. Just snip, snip, buzz, buzz. I felt as light as a feather. I was me again. After a quick wash and blow dry my former strands of hair to the ground my face was grinning from ear to ear.

The price was just right and the art of hair was amazing! He was an artist and I was a fine vase. Mom was happy beyond belief and so was I.


Beautiful Cristian! It is so true. It reminds me of a lot of things. 👍


“The remarkable thing is that we really love our neighbor as ourselves: we do unto others as we do unto ourselves. We hate others when we hate ourselves. We are tolerant toward others when we tolerate ourselves. We forgive others when we forgive ourselves. We are prone to sacrifice others when we are ready to […]

This is exactly how I feel sometimes. Thank you Step for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel.~Sara

You start out on journeys to be a writer, hidden in rooms, scribbling in notebooks, hiding them from others. They’re your private thoughts. They’re things you wouldn’t tell a best friend. Then you get published, and it’s the deepest, most confusing exposure.