Not poor nor rich. A true story.

She grew wearing clothes bought from a second hand store. She never really understood the trends like Levi jeans, Gap shirts, or Nordstrom/Macy’s brand. If it was comfortable she would wear it alternate days.

As she got older the fads became louder Reeboks, Nike, and 401 blues. It started with a jean jacket that everyone was wearing. Begging her mom so she could feel included. She learned soon that it wasn’t worth it.

As she grew even older she learned new things like how people saw a person by their appearance. She learned that she could work hard and earn a living. She could buy her own clothes, devices, and appliances.

She never thought she was rich no poor. She was just comfortable with what she had. Somebody once told her since she had attended private school she must have been wealthy. What they didn’t know was she had been on scholarship in order to get an education.

She earned her own way working in customer service. So she learned how to blend into both worlds. She learned new brand names like Sony, Samsung, Chanel, D&G, Toshiba, and Prada. She learned to care for the knockoff versions of the fashion industry. She treasured shopping at Target and Walmart where she could find products at amazingly low prices. She could look stylish at half the price.

Now as she began to start her life over she used the knowledge that she had collected over the years to feel content being neither rich nor poor.

I am the woman in the story.

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When the whole college idea came to my mind I couldn’t see myself in that scene. After high school I earned a scholarship from the writing department. That was when I thought that maybe I could do this. I let myself dream of being a writer of some sort. Perhaps for a magazine or newspaper.

Then I took a class to be a teacher’s assistant. I wanted to help kids falling through the educational system’s cracks. They needed to know that there was hope for them weather they were special needs or ESL they needed to to know yes they can do it!

Then I realized that I needed money to be able to take classes for my AA degree. I couldn’t see myself with a BA, MA, or PhD. I just wanted an Associate’s Degree so I can get a basic job. I had to lower my expectations so I could rise against my fears and discouragements. I wasn’t mediocre. I was just right. So now as I write my blog, read other people’s blogs, and post my thoughts I live up to my dream of inspiring and motivating people. Maybe I’ll get that AA degree someday.

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Talking with people, I felt alive. Okay maybe it was the macchiato talking. I was proud of my brother for sharing his techie skills. I should not be jealous, but happy that he can get answers.

How can people make a difference n other people’s life if they can’t handle their own life? My mom brought up that point that I live a restless life. I want to tell my story or even a story and feel confident about it.

Two things you cannot live without hope and faith. They go hand in hand.



How long did it take for the pain to go away? For the sun to return from a cloudy day? Did you get over the sad feelings when people moved on while you still sat there in your chair?

I literally left everything behind the day I got on the plane. When I wonder what will happen if I return. Where will I go and what to do next? I am afraid of being alone nobody to understand me. The sunshine is gone and all I see are leftover shadows of what was behind me.

That is why I left. Left the only country I grew up in. Find me if you can. Find this beautiful soul that is me. I am waiting to be found. I am waiting for thee.

Here we go….its honesty time.

I just redid my address so I am hoping it will go up this time. Somewhere out there in cyberspace is my last few tries. I will not give up! Okay maybe that was too much gusto, but can you blame a girl for trying. I love the saying if at first you do not succeed try, try again. Well that is exactly what I am doing.

I was reading my new project From Hell to Healing to my mom and she mentioned that I needed to be sequential with my writing. So that one is back to the drawing board. Sorry folks we are going to delay that one ☹ it is okay though with my mom on board I will be able to nip this thing in the bud. Hopefully at least. One thing she mentioned was why I used the word “hell.” For one thing, it will get someone’s attention (that is me talking). Another is pretty much how she describes the lasts 4-5 years of my life. By marrying “S,” I put my family in a position that they have never been in before. They have always advised people to think first before traveling the road of relationship.

What people do not understand is that I have not felt that I was needed or part of a puzzle per say. I hardly belonged and have lived in other people’s shadow. Does anyone out there know what I mean? It is hard enough being a Pastor’s kid… but add living in a bicultural world and well you have a lot to deal with.

Did I mention that I have been reading a book about women’s mid life crisis? Oh my gosh, I felt like this woman was talking to me… Literally! I am not ready for menopause. I am just getting used to being in my 30s. I am literally starting my life over from losing my self-confidence and what little respect I had for myself. I remember how my mother went through the big “M.” I am afraid of going at it alone. I know that I am not exactly the most neatest person in the world. I would rather be in the States where there are washing machines and dryers (not the hang out on the wire kind!). Can I say this rolling electricity thing is getting to be annoying? Sure, it was okay at first… but now if I hear someone say it is going to get better I just might scream. Oh and the water thing. Do not get me started! Okay simplicity is something I can bear. I just might fast from watching TV cause the ads for dishwasher and laundry detergent just makes me homesick. Wow, I just let it rip! When I see what could have happened if my parents had come back to Ethiopia earlier when my brother and I were younger I would not have lasted. I love my family and friends here, but I am sorry there is no way I would let anyone circumcise my woman parts. I am sorry but hell no it is not going to happen. I would rather be an outcast than let anyone near me

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A few days ago my son and I went grocery shopping. As a general rule, I do not take my baby with me to grocery shop because as any mother of young children – my son turns seven next month – will tell you, a trip for groceries with the children turns into an event […]


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I tried to post via email this blog. Maybe cause it is new it might be acting wonky. Never know. Anyway I am going to give my journey a break so you can enjoy all the original 4 year journey on here than join me at Starting Over In 2013 for my healing journey. I am not deleting this blog just reserving my energy unit things are more resourceful. Bon chance!

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First time for everything 

First time for everything 

I took a trip to the city. First time at IEC cafeteria and ordering lunch by myself. I used my broken Amharic and ordered a burger and soft drink. 

The burger came. It was good. It had a ketchupy mayo sauce that reminded me of Thousand Island dressing. It was a three layer burger. First layer had an egg that looked fried any tasted amazing. Second layer had the lettuce, onion, and tomato dressing. The final layer was a very juicy fried meat. It had protein written all over it.

After eating the first half I felt filled. So I ate the buger meat and fried egg from the last half. A girl needs her protein over the carbs. All in all I give it 2 thumbs up.

With that I ended it with a double mociatto which was the best ending to a meal. Thick and creamy. What more could you ask for….uh fries/chips maybe but that might be asking too much. 

Bon appetite!

Treat others the way you wanted to be treated.

My impulsive finger began reacting to my sadness. That is ok I said to myself 818 people follow me and I followed 2k. I went through the list and started letting people go. Why was I following some of this? Do I want to see boobs? Uh no thank you! I was hurt to see some send me notes than disappear. I try to respond, but it costs me money. Dust blowing in the wind. I finally just said treat me the way I wanted to be treated. This was just on Twitter. I need support and hardly gossip on the timeline. I am a human being and not taking it personally.