Still battling the crud. Nighquil at night and DayQuil during the day. With tea and liquids in between. With my iBook in hand I travel to Russia via Tolstoy. I take rest with my warm blankets curled up in bed. Listening to Podcasts as I doze away. Hoping for my head and chest to clear.…… Continue reading 1.11.17

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January 8th

Day after Ethiopian Christmas and I am resting. Been dealing with a cough cold that has wiped me out. I tried to sit in the sun, but it only half way warmed me. My chest teased me with its heaviness. It reminded me of when I had whopping cough. So with my iBook app ready…… Continue reading January 8th

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December 2016 the walker returns. 🙅🙆👟💪

Last month I began walking around the fountain area in our compound. It was my answer to the question of why I didn’t excercise. I don’t know what finally clicked but the bolt was unlocked inside of me. I never count the laps just the minutes. Basking in the morning sun I feel the breeze…… Continue reading December 2016 the walker returns. 🙅🙆👟💪

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It is almost the end of 2016 and I have 3 more years till I turn 40. I am hoping that my working out will have me standing again. In 2016 I had my share of challenges from my flaky head to my tender tummy. My yoyo weight that makes me feel funny. Yes I…… Continue reading 12/29/16

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Can changing your theme help your mindset?

Once or twice a year I change the themes on my blogs. Yes that is what I said blogs as in two sites. Not bad for someone like me online social butterfly IRL snugs in a safe cocoon. I write so I can help myself get better. I also want others to know they are…… Continue reading Can changing your theme help your mindset?

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Sharing: When You Live In A Third World Country

When I read this I saw the reality of so many people.  Remember the forgotten for they need so much more. ~Sara Flickr / catedral01Inang Bayan / Motherland Where I come from children are not allowed to be children. At 6 Juan learns the word ‘violence;’ pink-faced on the floor, salt-wounds on the knees. At… Continue reading Sharing: When You Live In A Third World Country

Sharing:  Be Who You Are: Live Your Dreams

This blogger has so much to share with the world. His posts are inspiring and easy to understand. Thank you Jay for helping me today. ~Sara Are you living your dreams? This may be a difficult question to answer, because actually following our dreams is usually better said than done.  One of the first steps… Continue reading Sharing:  Be Who You Are: Live Your Dreams

Sharing:  The 25 Songs of Christmas (#1 – Let It Go)

Thank you this made my day. ~Sara You might be Frozen but I’m not. When you are out shoveling that driveway… again. When the passing car splatters you with icky brown sludge… again. When you can’t find that stinking left hand glove… again. When your car is saying it is too cold to start… again.… Continue reading Sharing:  The 25 Songs of Christmas (#1 – Let It Go)

Sharing:  From Me to You

I want to share this blogger with everybody. She is inspiring and motivating people with each post. Please check her out.~Sara Well, here we are. Thanksgiving, 2016. I remember this exact day last year, sitting at this very bar stool in the kitchen of my childhood home, crafting this post. Nothing’s changed. And yet, everything has.… Continue reading Sharing:  From Me to You